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Sept. 2018 - Kyla Cathey is the new county coordinator for Paulding County, Ohio. Please send any submissions to lostslough@gmail.com.

With its history of the Miami & Erie Canal, beginnings in the Great Black Swamp, and named in honor of Revolutionary War hero, John Paulding - Paulding County was officially formed on February 12, 1820.

Paulding County, located in northwest Ohio,  is bordered by Defiance County (north), Van Wert County (South), Putnam County (east), and Allen County, Indiana (west).

The purpose of this project is to provide useful information in researching family history, genealogy, and local history related to Paulding County, Ohio.  You may refer to our volunteer page for those who are able to help you in your research.  Researchers can join the OHPAULDI-L Discussion/mailing List (Instructions are to the left).

 I unfortunately do not live in Paulding County, so I can't do look-ups.
However, I have many ancestors who resided in Paulding County for many years, so I am constantly researching and will add anything that I find to this site in the hopes that it will also assist someone else in their research.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments, or with any submissions you have for Paulding County.

If you would like to be a volunteer coordinator for an Ohio County, please contact the Ohio State Coordinator, Dale Grimm for further details.  

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